Bernex Mountainbike Park

Berrnex has set up a bike park (supervised by patrollers) on a 400m gradient. You will come across a lot of MTB champions who come here to train!

The Bike Park has 5 different tracks and a drop zone: ride down to the Bernex Tourist Office and pick up a map.

Different Trails for Different Levels


    A Green Run

    Try out this very easy track for beginners, steering is easy and accessible to everyone. Perfect for learning downhill MTB skills.

    The track is wide and easy riding with a very gentle slope without any crossfall.

    The green run is the longest in the Bike Park and beginners will love it and experts who love to play about on the terrain will love it too!


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    The Blue Run (Bern'Land)

    This run has been totally reshaped as a Jump Line and it keeps its Blue level: an easy track that requires basic steering skills.

    It has a slight to average slope gradient, the main trail has some easy jump modules and some off-line jump modules for more experienced riders.

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    A Back Country Red Run (off piste)

    This is a difficult downhill trail, which requires good steering skills.

    A wide trail on natural non-worked terrain, which has been bordered and made safe. The slope can be very steep in places. Riders are free to go wherever they want and to ride side by side: it’s pure freeride making use of the Bike Park’s entire downhill gradient!


    Two Black Runs

    The River Creek

    This is a very difficult trail that requires expert steering. The slope gradient ranges from average to very steep with jump modules and a freeride zone.

    The focus is on steering skills. Despite that, it is a very fluid and fun trail!

    The Wood Roots

    This is a very difficult trail, requires expert steering. The slope gradient ranges from average to steep with lots of consecutive fluid freestyle jumps from start to finish.

    The Wood Roots is the trail in the Bike Park where the rider is very often in the air!

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    The Drop Zone

    The place to be for that full-on adrenalin rush and Bernex MBP freestyle mania.

    It suits all levels from beginners to experts. There are several jump lines with different and evolutive levels.

    On its 300m length and 20 to 50m width you will discover a dozen modules set-up in harmony with the terrain’s profile and exactly what riders are looking for.

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    Access the Bike Park by taking the Pré Richard chairlift, open daily from 29th June to 31st August, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.


The Pays d’Évian-Vallée d’Abondance is a French Cycling Federation MTB site. You have the choice between forest tracks, trails and communal routes for mountainbikers to ride in the bucolic Alpine meadows or on more physically demanding trails across the entire Gavot Plateau.

You don’t have an electric-assisted MTB? Don’t panic! The Évian-Bernex shuttle bus takes bikes and is a great tip for coming up from the lake.

A free map is available at the reception desk at the Bernex Tourist Office.


For Excursions with Friends or Family

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    MTB & E-MTB Rental

    For an excursion with friends or familly why not rent mountain bikes!

    At the foot of the chairlift, the Bike Park offers 1⁄2 day to one week rentals: MTBs for children and adults, and grass-scooters.


    • MTB or grass-scooters: €45 half day
    • VTT or tgrass-scooters: €65 full day
    For more information: 06 86 00 56 40
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    MTB with the Family

    On 1⁄2 day excursions between lakes and forests, beginners of all ages can learn this discipline’s special techniques.

    The mountain biking will take place in a beautiful natural setting on the Gavot Plateau. The excursions are organised for adults and children over the age of 8.

  • MTB Rental
  • Reduced*
  • Adult
  • MTB Rental


  • Reduced*


  • Adult


  • MTB Rental


  • €110

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    E-MTB (electric-assisted MTB)

    1⁄2 day excursions to ride connected!

    To discover or rediscover the mountains with ease why not choose an E-MTB for a 1/2 day excursion.

    Go out and discover Lake Léman’s balconies, ride with a smile! You can rent E-MTBs for €50 an excursion.

Guided Excursions with Alp’Évianature

As well as a programme of hikes, Alp’Évianature offer a full programme of MTB excursions supervised by state-certified guides.

Friday: mountain biking from one lake to another
From the mountain lakes in a wooded backdrop, between mountain ranges and Lake Léman, this long traverse takes you across long flat and downhill trails. Once you arrive at a beach feel free to jump in and cool off!
EA-MTB Alongside the River Dranse
Enjoy exploring the Abondance Valley with “electric assisted” mountain bikes! You will hug the riverside on a specially developed path through pretty villages surrounded by dramatic mountains in the Portes du Soleil.
Height minimum: 1.55m

Without MTB rental: 35 euros


  • MTB rental incl.
  • -14 old
  • Adult
  • Family
  • MTB rental incl.

From one lake to another

  • -14 yrs. old


  • Adult


  • Family


  • MTB rental incl.

Alongside the River Dranse

  • -14 yrs. old


  • Adult


  • Family

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    Learn Downhill MTB Skills

    For anyone who would like to learn downhill MTB skills!

    In a visit to the Bernex Bike Park, you will learn how to correctly position yourself, brake, steer and go over the obstacles.

    Afterwards, you will have the skills to really enjoy the Bike Park. There are MTBs for rent for €25 for 2 hours.


Pascal and Jean Michel, MTB instructor/guides, offer 2 E-MTB excursions.

The Panoramic (easy)
This is a discovery trip combining amazing scenery with the ease of electric-assisted mountain biking on tracks and trails. A marvellous and easy way to discover or rediscover the mountains.
The Balcon du Léman
Travel along the Balcon du Léman’s most beautiful mountain tracks and trails. From the Gavot Plateau passing by Lake Beunaz, Mount Bénand, Thollon-les-Mémises and Bernex villages, these full-suspension electric-assisted mountain bikes let you access with ease the various culminating points of the Balcon du Léman. All this in an Alpine environment enjoying the pastures, trails, forests and small lakes with the most incredible views of Lake Léman and neigbouring Switzerland.


  • E-MTB rental incl.
  • E-MTB rental incl.

The Panoramic

  • €55


  • E-MTB rental incl.

The Balcon du Léman

  • €78