A Mountain Forged by the Rhône Glacier

Bernex, situated on the Gavot Plateau, owes the shape of its mountains to the passage of this glacier. There are many beautiful footpaths to discover on short rambles or long hikes.

  • Sentiers-piétons


    There are numerous signposted paths that start in Bernex and its surrounding areas.
    You will discover the beauty of the landscape and its geology goes back more than 35,000 years.

    It doesn’t matter what your level is there is something for everyone, from beginners to experts!

    The main departure points are in the village centre at the Alpage, Chevrette, and Fétuière car parks, or at the top of the chairlift.

  • La-Dent-dOche

    La Dent d'Oche

    Those who like a bit of adventure won’t hesitate going to the top of the Dent d’Oche at 2,222m. One of the Ibex’s favourite hangouts, so keep your eyes peeled!

    It takes about 3-hours walk from the Fétiuère restaurant’s car park.

    You can also spend the night in the Dent d’Oche refuge, perched at 2,114m and enjoy an early morning sunrise. Important: reservations required.

    You can book daily between mid-June and mid-September.

    For more information go to the website www.refugedeladentdoche.com or call +33 (0)6 48 90 57 41.

    A brochure is available at the Bernex Tourist Office.

    Would you like to spend a few more nights in unusual accommodation? Enjoy an exclusive experience in an Eco Camp at the heart of Bernex’s forest.

    Spend the night in an Eco bivouac: enjoy the delights of local dishes and outdoor activities. Create your own special memories. Perfect for couples, families or friends.

  • publier-aventures

    Smartphone App

    The Pays d’Evian-Vallée d’Abondance have set-up an App for iPhone and Android that includes 18 family hikes. Available to download via the App Store and Google Play.

    Help to Maintain the Footpaths

    To improve the quality of our footpaths, or to alert us to a particular problem, connect to the iPhone or Android Suricate App and tell us what needs doing.

  • geopark-Champeillant

    Chablais Geopark

    The Chablais Geopark combines the story of the Earth with the story of Man.

    Traditional buildings, how the mountains were used, life in the pasturelands, legends, natural treasures and regional produce are all strong testaments to the bonds between Man and nature.

    Chablais has 23 geosites and 7 of them are in the Pays d’Evian Vallée d’Abondance, independent and complementary, they enable us to understand how the Alps were formed, to change how we observe the landscape and learn about local treasures.

    Find everything you need to know about the Chablais Geopark at the Bernex Tourist Office.

  • tour-mont-benand

    Themed Footpaths (Chablais UNESCO Geopark)

    The Tour du Mont Bénand

    Starting from Creusaz, this walk takes 2 hours and is designed to show you the panoramic views, wildflowers and local pastoral activities. The Mont Bénand is also a Chablais Geopark.

    The Pré Richard Panorama (Chablais UNESCO Geopark)

    At Pré Richard, following the explicative signs, you will discover how the Mont César and its limestone towers were formed, as well as the Château d’Oche, a major Chablais speleology site.

    The story behind the Bernex ski resort will also be revealed.

    Walks from the Top of the Pré Richard Chairlift

    The loops allow you to walk with the family and join hiking departure points.
    A leaflet is available at the Bernex Tourist Office.

  • randonnées-alp-evianature


    Discover the mountains’ treasures in the company of state-certified professionals.

    Alp’Evianature groups together 15 professionals from the Pays d’Evian. All state-certified guides and instructors for mid- and high-mountain activities, cycling, and whitewater sports, their various life journeys and their full qualifications bring a huge diversity to the services provided.

    Among the services on offer by the group are pedestrian hikes, MTB, handisport excursions, Nordic walking, themed walks, discovery of the fauna and flora, the geology, orienteering circuits, tales and legends, and so much more!

  • randonnees-Faverges

    A Favourite Walk: Towards the Faverges

    From the Bernex Tourist Office follow the road to the bridge towards the Distillery. Just before the bridge turn right. Follow the river as the path goes into the woods.

    Just before arriving at the first houses in Faverges take the path that goes up towards Bernex. The path then flattens out above the cemetery, re-join the road coming from St Paul and follow it for several metres to the crossroads where you will return to the starting point by taking the direction for the Bernex Tourist Office.

    For more information on our favourite walk, nip down to the Bernex Tourist Office.


Bernex Hikes

Animations randonnée


Here is the full calendar:


  • -14 yrs. old
  • Between passes… and sunrise …
  • -14 old






  • Orienteering Course
  • -14 old





  • Gourmet Hike
  • -14 old





  • Indiana Jeuns
  • -14 old





  • Trapper Evening
  • -14 old






  • Meeting a Glacier
  • -14 old



  • The Coal Mine
  • -14 old






Important: for all mountain excursions, places are limited (6-8 pers.), book as soon as possible at the Bernex Tourist Office.

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