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    Nautic All

    Nautic All, partners with the Bernex Tourist Office, offer numerous services in Neuvecelle, Amphion and Thonon.

    For more information and bookings, go down to the Bernex Tourist Office.

    • Stand Up Paddle
    • €15 per hour
    • Tandem SUP
    • €25 per hour
    • Big Mama SUP
    • €50 per hour
    • Windsurf
    • €18 per hour
    • Fun-board
    • €22 per hour
    • Solo Kayak
    • €11 per hour
    • Duo Kayak
    • €15 per hour
    • Pedalo
    • €22 per hour
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    Whitewater Sports

    In calm waters or whitewater rapids, here is a new way of enjoying the Chablais countryside.

    Whitewater activities are only for people in good health who can swim at least 25 metres and can go underwater.

    Parental consent is required for minors. Remember to bring your swimming costume, change of clothes and a towel.

    There is a choice of activities:

    • Rafting: 6-8-person inflatable boat
    • Cano-raft:  small inflatable boat (2 pers) a great way to try out the rapids for the first time
    • Hydro-speed: swim the whitewater rapids with a streamlined float and fins
    • Rafting: discovery (from 8 yrs. old)
    • €40
    • Rafting: rodeo (from 13 yrs. old)
    • €49
    • Rafting: long (from 13 yrs. old)
    • €62
    • Hydro-speed: rodéo (à partir de 14 ans)
    • €52


    AN RAFTING: 04 50 71 89 15

    EVOLUTION 2: 04 50 81 72 37

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    Scuba Diving

    What if you were to see the lake in a different light?

    Discover the wonders of the depths of Lake Léman, its diverse fish and plants.

    For more information please contact Abyss Formation on 06 72 56 13 44.

Activities with Alp’Evianature

The mountain guides propose a variety of excursions on the lake: stand up paddle, kayaking, etc.
For more information please visit the Bernex Tourist Office.

Tuesday Afternoon: Kayaking on Lake Léman
As you move slowly away from the shore, the backdrop of Chablais’ peaks is revealed little-by-little: a privileged setting that dominates the Pays d’Évian’s beautiful shoreline. The landscape will be revealed as you meander across the water. Adult: €35, child (-14 yrs. old): €30, family: €110

Tuesday Evening: Sunset Paddle
The sunset, balance and propulsion are your allies to help you glide across the water in entire fullness.

Per excursion: €30
Information and registration at the Bernex Tourist Office

Activities On and In Lake Léman

Scuba Diving
Discover the depths of Lake Léman, its fish, plants and vestiges, do your first ever scuba dive with a professional. From 8 years old. Discovery from €40.
Trip on the Lake in a Lifeboat
A 2-3-hour trip along the shoreline of Lake Léman and discover everything you can’t see from the land. You will be able to swim with lifeguard surveillance in quiet spots. €540 for 6 persons + €100 per additional person.
More information:
Abyss Formation: 06 72 56 13 44